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New Overhead Garage Door Openers In Houston, TX

We offer overhead garage door openers for residential and commercial properties in Houston, TX. Our experienced team of technicians is dedicated to providing high-quality services for installing, repairing, and maintaining your garage door needs.

We use the most modern parts and equipment from the industry’s best brands to ensure your door opener is installed and serviced safely with lasting durability and reliability. We also provide free estimates so you can assess all aspects of the cost before deciding if our product is right for you. Contact us today at (713) 598-3837 to get started.

Houston homeowners can improve their home security, reduce noise levels, and add convenience by installing one of our new overhead garage door openers. State-of-the-art models feature powerful motors which provide quiet and efficient operation, while advanced safety features ensure your family’s security.

These openers include various door control options, including remote-controlled operation with smartphone access. Houston techs provide expert installation and offer outstanding customer service to ensure prompt and reliable performance.

Additionally, their range of mechanical components and accessories allows customization for unique applications. For those wanting the ultimate convenience in their homes, overhead garage door openers in Houston, TX, are ideal!

Four Types Of Garage Door Openers For Residential Homes

As technology evolves, residential garage door openers have come a long way in recent years. There are now four common types of residential garage opener systems, each with benefits and disadvantages.

The Chain Drive System

A chain drive system is a common type of garage door opener. It consists of a motor, which powers two sprocket wheels that move a metal chain that engages the trolley assembly and barrel carriage to lift and lower the door. This opener has been used for decades and is relatively inexpensive, quiet in operation, and durable.

However, because the motor runs continuously when the door opens or closes, it can be less energy efficient than some other openers. In addition, the chain may occasionally require lubrication and can become misaligned over time, increasing noise levels generated during operation.

Belt-Driven Systems

A belt-driven system garage door opener is an efficient and reliable device that uses a handheld remote controler to open and close the door from the outside. This type of opener uses a flexible belt rather than a metal chain that runs along a track. It is quieter, smoother, and provides better force to lift the heavier weight of a large garage door.

It also offers safety features such as an emergency release cord for manual operation and a light beam sensor that ensures no obstruction is present before closing the door. Additionally, these devices are programmable from the remotes or wall-mounted buttons, making them very versatile in their operations.

Screw Driven System

A screw-driven system garage door opener is a cost-effective, reliable, and durable technology used to operate commercial and residential garage doors. It works by using a threaded metal rod pulled or pushed with a motor to create movement along the track, activating the opener connected to the attached door.

The operation of this system is smooth and quiet; it does not require any lubrication or maintenance due to its continuous contact with the drive rail. It will use less energy than other lift mechanism types, resulting in savings on energy costs over time.

Its automation significantly reduces inconvenience for homeowners and businesses, ensuring easy access to garages or warehouses with minimal effort relative to manual alternatives.

Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

A wall-mount garage door opener is an efficient and cost-effective way to open and close a garage door, providing convenience and safety for homeowners. This type of opener utilizes a motor driven by an electric current that runs along a rail mounted to the wall beside the door.

The motor lifts the torsion springs to move the track, which, in turn, opens or closes the garage door. Wall mount openers offer many advantages over other door openers. Wall mount openers are quieter, unobtrusive, and require less routine maintenance due to fewer moving parts.

Additionally, they provide greater levels of security since no external wires or consoles need to be exposed outside the garage. With their simple installation process and ability to be reprogrammed remotely via wireless technology, wall-mount garage door openers are a great choice for anyone looking for easy access and cost savings.

We Offer And Recommend The Following Garage Door Openers

Liftmaster 8500w Wall Mount

A Liftmaster 8500W Wall Mount Garage Door Opener is the ideal choice for those who need reliable, secure, and efficient access to their home. This opener features a durable, powder-coated finish and a 1/2 hp AC motor that provides whisper-quiet operation.

The wall mount design offers plenty of convenience with the ability to open your door from inside or outside the garage with a quick button. Additionally, its patented security+ 2.0 technology encrypts signals from wireless accessories, increasing protection against burglars and unauthorized entry into your home.

When combined with other optional accessories such as its LED light, MyQ Technology, and HomeLink Compatibility bridge, this garage door opener can provide users with ultimate convenience and peace of mind.

Liftmaster 8550WLB Belt Drive

The LiftMaster 8550WLB Belt Drive is a reliable and secure overhead garage door opener, offering superior performance and innovative and user-friendly features. The device is powered by a motor that runs quietly while providing strong lifting power, making it ideal for single or multiple garages.

It also offers MyQ technology, allowing homeowners to monitor and control the garage door from via their smartphone. Furthermore, its T-Rail system allows easy maintenance as spare parts can easily be added or removed.

The integrated Posilock anti-theft protection prevents unauthorized property access, ensuring users peace of mind when away from home or in distress. With this combination of features, the LiftMaster 8550WLB Belt Drive helps protect properties and increase convenience for homeowners who desire efficiency and security.

Marantec Synergy 360 Belt Drive

The Marantec Synergy 360 Belt Drive provides a reliable and powerful residential garage door opener that will boost any home’s convenience and security. The 340 DC belt drive motor provides whisper-quiet performance and can lift doors to 16 feet tall and 500 lbs in weight.

The system includes two three-button remotes featuring Security+ 2.0 Rolling Code Technology. At the same time, additional accessories, such as keyless entry, are available (each sold separately).

Moreover, this opener’s service life can be extended with Smart LED Lighting or Battery Backup Standard, both optional accessories that can provide extra peace of mind in case of power outages or darkness.

Genie Trilog Pro Series Model 3064 Screw Drive

The Genie Trilog Pro Series Model 3064 Screw Drive is a reliable and durable automatic garage door opener. Featuring Dual-Pin Anti-Theft Technology, Intellicode Access Security, and 7′ or 8′ extension kits at no extra cost, the Model 3064 is designed to provide fast and secure access to your home or business.

Its rugged ¾ horsepower motor ensures smooth operation even when lifting larger doors. The SmartSet push-button programming allows for easy adjustment of user settings with minimal installation effort. At the same time, its integrated TiGermaster Safety and Control Connection System enables automatic shutoff when unintentional obstruction occurs – providing safety assurance in any application.

Further additions like motion detection lighting and QuietLift technology ensure quieter operation – a perfect balance of strength, quality, and reliability for any entranceway.

Liftmaster® 8160w

The LiftMaster® 8160w is a quantum leap for modern garage door automation. This WiFi-enabled, myQ-enabled device allows you to control and monitor your overhead garage door opener from anywhere in the world via your smartphone or tablet.

With ultra-reliable 24V DC motors, you can be sure that this opener is powerful enough to keep your gates running smoothly. In addition to the myQ ® app integration, the 8160w features Safety Sensor Reversal System Technology that ensures smooth operation and enhanced sensor protection regardless of how windy it is outside.

The integrated timer-to-close option allows you to adjust how long it stays open after passing through. It also includes a built-in courtesy light that will turn on when your vehicle approaches. We will not know if your router is compatible before the installation process.

Genie 3024 DC Chain Drive

The Genie 3024 DC Chain Drive is a powerful, reliable, durable garage door opener that offers superior technology, performance, and security. It contains the perfect balance of cutting-edge technology and intuitive design.

Equipped with Genie’s Trilog control system featuring SecureCode Technology, this garage door opener boasts superior encryption to keep your family safe while providing easy access and operation. The motor is quiet yet powerful, delivering high power to lift even the heaviest of doors effortlessly.

Moreover, the die-cast steel structures fabricated using robotic welding allow for dependable performance for years to come. Check out this article from The Spruce on 7 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Opener.

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