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We Offer New Garage Door Installation In Houston, TX

Have you ever told your phone, ” Hey, Google, find garage door installation near me? If you’re looking for an overhead garage door company, we can help. At BBM Garage Door, we provide professional installation services for your new garage door. Our expert technicians can quickly and efficiently install your new overhead garage door, ensuring it is mounted securely with safe and reliable operation.

We are equipped to handle all types of doors in various styles and materials, including steel, aluminum, wood, vinyl, and more. Each of our installations includes a thorough inspection to ensure proper tension and functioning of parts. We also offer detailed safety advice to inform you about safe use and maintenance guidelines.

We Install Garage Doors Made By CHI® Overhead Doors. In Houston, TX

CHI® Overhead Door’s garage doors are a premium choice for discerning homeowners looking for uncompromising quality and reliable performance. Expertly designed with heavy-duty steel and equipped with the industry’s most robust welding techniques, these doors offer outstanding structural integrity.

Additionally, they boast PUReTH® Polyurethane insulation technology to enhance their energy efficiency while providing quieter operation. Built to last, they also feature reinforced side rails that won’t bow or bend over time, giving them longevity you can trust.

H4- CHI® Model #2240 In Houston, TX

The CHI® Model #2240 garage door is ideal for any home. This product features a clean, contemporary look that adds sophistication to any setting. Its robust and durable construction, with heavy gauge steel, ensures that it will last for years without requiring frequent maintenance or repair.

This model’s two-layer insulation system helps keep the temperature regulated inside your garage, providing you with excellent energy efficiency and comfort throughout the year. Additionally, it has an array of safety features, including a keyless entry system and motion detectors to help ensure your peace of mind when away from home.

With its top performance and attractive aesthetics, there is no doubt that the CHI® Model #2240 is the perfect fit for homes that need optimal assurance and elegant style.

H5- CHI® Model #5250 In Houston, TX

The CHI® Model #5250 garage door is an excellent choice for homeowners looking to enhance their home’s style and security. Measuring 8′ x 7′, this durable steel door provides strength and durability with minimal maintenance.

Its insulated steel construction features two heavy-duty layers of steel containing an insulation core for increased thermal efficiency. Other impressive features include the Posilock anti-lift system, which prevents intruders from lifting the door. The decorative veneer laminated surface creates an attractive entrance while increasing durability.

H6- CHI® Model #5283 Accents In Houston, TX

The CHI® Model #5283 Accents garage door is the perfect choice for any home. Its galvanized steel construction and 25 R-value insulation make it incredibly energy efficient. Its smooth, vinyl-coated finish is available in various colors to match any decor. Its heavy-gauge rails are designed for maximum durability.

Plus, an auto-reverse safety system is included for added security. With all these features, this garage door provides excellent protection from the elements. It can help you save money on your energy bill throughout the year.

Your Overhead Garage Doors Construction Matters

The construction of garage doors is of paramount importance as they provide a layer of security and protection to residential dwellings. Quality components and materials should be used to ensure the door’s longevity and its ability to withstand normal wear and tear associated with daily use.

The installation of adequate weather stripping and insulation is essential for energy efficiency, which can translate into reduced utility costs. Additionally, modern features such as automatic openers, locks, sensors, and other forms of automation could be beneficial based on your needs. Proper garage door design and installation safeguard property from potential hazards while improving aesthetic appeal.

Residential overhead garage doors are essential to most homeowners’ homes as they provide security, insulation, and convenience. Insulated garage doors are designed to provide superior thermal protection by helping to reduce the transmission of sound and heat.

By trapping air between two steel panels, an insulated door can significantly reduce outdoor noise and help regulate temperatures inside the garage. Non-insulated garage doors feature a single layer of steel. They do not offer much energy efficiency or protection from the elements. Opting for an insulated model is generally recommended to maximize comfort and security within your home.

Installing a new overhead garage door is essential to many home renovations and remodels. Using the right type of springs is vital to ensure a smooth and secure operation. Torsion springs are ideal for new overhead garage doors, providing improved safety and reliability compared to traditional springs. Installing torsion springs requires precision and skill.

They must be perfectly balanced to provide a firm connection between the door frame and the door itself. Improper installation can lead to problems such as excessive noise, reduced sealing, or malfunctioning of other parts, such as locksets. Using torsion springs when installing a new door allows building owners to ensure smooth operation for many years before maintenance is necessary.

What Is The Garage Door Hardware Package?

Our hardware package includes all the hardware for your overhead garage doors except the panels. Many installers use cheap hardware. We only use the highest quality hardware available. Using inferior hinges and other cheap hardware can lead to a garage door going off track. Most installers also use bearingless rollers, which cause drag and rough functionality of the overhead garage door.

We use nylon-coated 11 ball-bearing rollers on our installations to ensure an optimal user experience. These bearings are smooth and consistent, which decreases noise levels and allows for a more seamless operation of the overhead door system.

The nylon coating also prevents rusting of the bearings, helping maintain the integrity of the installation even in humid or rainy climates. Further, the ball-bearing rollers allow for effortless movement along tracks, enhancing the functioning of your overhead door system to provide years of reliable performance.

We use high-quality, wide-body, 14-gauge hinges for installations to ensure a secure and precise fit. The wider body of the hinge enhances stability and strength compared to traditional 12 gauge hinges. In contrast, the 14 gauge steel construction combined with U-shaped straps provide extra durability and heightened support.

The 14-gauge hinges provide up to 3 times more cycles than an average door hinge due to their superior strength. Furthermore, these heavy-duty hinges are rustproof, ensuring they remain in prime condition over many years. Choose our products confidently, knowing that our insistence on using the highest quality materials ensures your satisfaction with every installation. 

Licensed, Bonded, And Insured In Houston, TX

BBM Garage Door is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured overhead garage door and garage door company. We are dedicated to ensuring our clients trust us with their valuable investments. Our technicians have been thoroughly trained and certified to ensure all our clients experience the highest quality of service possible.

Furthermore, we have taken out the appropriate insurance policies to protect the client and ourselves against unexpected eventualities while working on your property.

With BBM Garage Door, you can trust that your garage door installation will be completed professionally and reliably every time. You can feel completely secure knowing your investment is in safe hands.

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