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Most residencies in and around have one – a garage. It is used to protect cars from wind and weather or as a storage place for things that are not used on a daily basis. A lot of people decide to park their gardening tools, the lawn mower or bicycles in the garage. There are even people, who have a downright home gym set up.

No matter what you use your garage for, you will admit that the extra room for items you don´t want in the house, but still to be protected from theft, rain and frost is great.

Even though most residential garages are connected to the house via an extra door, the garage gate offers the possibility to move big items in and out. There are also things you simply don´t want to move through your house.

Hence, it is essential that your garage door lets you have access to your garage. This is why you should take your time and think about what to get before a garage door installation and also about having a company fix your gate if it doesn´t work properly.

Types of Garage Doors

Overhead Garage Doors – Manual and Electric

One-piece overhead garage doors are very common in private homes. They used to be the standard version a couple of decades ago. Most of the older overhead gates need to be opened and shut by manpower, newer versions are electric.

The manual system is extremely durable and is not very prone to errors. Still, most people prefer electric versions, which allow them to open the garage through a handheld. This system makes it possible to open or shut the gate without having to leave your car or when you have your hands full.


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BBM Garage Door is locally operated and independently owned. Our team has many of shared experience, and we proudly provide a comprehensive range of services which include garage door, gate maintenance, repair, and installation.

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Garage Door Opener

A garage door opener is a motorized device that opens and closes garage doors.
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Garage Door Springs

Select the type of garage door spring your have on your garage door.
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